What are the benefits of Dance?

Dance brings a lot of benefits, including the discipline, coordination, memory development, posture and passion for Dance and Art.

Which Dance techniques are taught in Ballet Olga Lucia?

B.O.L, teaches ballet, Fusion Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, International, Hip Hop, Tap, Flamenco, Irish, Silks Aero Dance, Acro Dance and Acrobatics.

How to choose which Dance technique I can take ?

You have the option of choosing which techniques you will like to learn, also you can choose the level that best suits you, from Basic to Advance. If you haven’t decided yet, which classes to choose or the level technique, Ballet Olga Lucia offers counseling to place you in classes and at levels that best suits you.

Which is the Classes Schedule?

Monday to Friday 4:30 a 8:00 pm

Saturday mornings 8:00 a 12:00m

Monday to Thursday: 8:00 am a 9:00 at the (Class for adults only)

Can you tell me more about the Summer Dance Programs?

Every year, Ballet Olga Lucia offers an International Summer Dance Program, where the students have the opportunity to travel and take intensive classes with the world top choreographers. This program take place in cities where Dance is he center of attention such as New York and Los Angeles. B.O.L students also attend to Dance shows such as Broadway Shows and Contemporary and Ballet shows. They also have the opportunity to have a tour around the city and visit the most popular places of it. With this International Dance Program, Ballet Olga Lucia students can interact with ballerinas from their same ages which help reinforce their second language and their dance passion. On summer 2014 we visited Hollywood Dance Schools and Baller Olga Lucia students had the opportunity to take jazz, turns, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, lyrical and funk classes, with great teachers such as Sheryl Murakami, Nick Lanzisera, Robert Schultz and Nicole Harlan. We also visited San Diego and had a great experience taking a private Master class with Sophia Lucia and her Teacher Rachel Sebastian.

How do I register in Ballet Olga Lucia School?

Students from 3 years of age to adulthood can enter Ballet Olga Lucia School. You just have to have the desire to dance, the next step is to visit and register with us, then start dancing.

At what age can I join Ballet Olga Lucia? Is there any age limit?

There is no maximum age limit. Students can register in B.O.L from 3 years old and beyond, each alumni will be placed in the level that best suits for her/him.

Is there any show where I can see my daughter dance?

Yes there is. Every year Ballet Olga Lucia, presents the annual recital where the students have the opportunity to show what they have learn along the year and all the improvements they have achieve. We begin to prepare the choreographies on the second semester of 2014. This recital is taken place in Teatro Los Fundadores and the Dates for 2014 are November 26 and 27, we invite you all to attend and be a part of this wonderful Show.

Which are the official B.O.L social accounts?

On Facebook you can find us as: Olga Lucia Ballet

On Twitter as: Ballet Olga Lucia

On Instagram as: BalletolgaluciaBOL Dancing Store as Dancingstore

On Youtube as: Ballet Olga Lucia BOL

Our Website is: www.balletolgalucia.com.co

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